Inside of the <vxml> tag, a document is broken up into discrete dialog elements called forms.

Each form has a name and is responsible for executing some portion of the dialog. For example, you may have a form called “mainMenu” that prompts the caller to make a selection from a list of options and then recognizes the response.

1formdocA form is denoted by the use of the < form> tag and can be specified by the inclusion of the id attribute to specify the form’s name. This is useful if the form is to be referenced at some other point in the application or by another application. For example,

< form id=”welcome”>

would indicate in a VoiceXML document the beginning of the “welcome” form.

A schematic diagram of a VoiceXML document named “somedoc.vxml” containing the above form is shown to the right.

The form “welcome” will contain various elements performing the tasks required by this form. Among the possible elements that can be contained in a form are those designated as “form items.”