The Reference Grammar Repository Committee is a newly chartered exploratory committee and its primary objective is to define a framework for a standing committee that will establish and operate a reference grammar repository, and will address its fundamental infrastructure, IP policy, and initial task scope.

The Reference Grammar Repository Committee’s activities may include:

  • Establishing an initial collection of grammars for common recognition tasks and a method for distributing these grammars
  • Creating a process for maintaining and enhancing existing grammars, and for establishing new grammars
  • Creating a process for incorporating grammars into derivative works
  • Creating and promoting a user community to maintain and promote the committee’s activities

For more information, please read the Reference Grammar Repository Committee’s official charter.

Committee Participation

Participation in the Reference Grammar Repository Committee is open to Sponsor and Promoter members. To learn more about membership, please visit the Join Us page.


The committee works via email and holds weekly teleconferences.

Contact Information

To learn more about the Reference Grammar Repository and its work, please e-mail