The following platforms have passed the VoiceXML Forum Platform Certification Program for VoiceXML 2.0.

VoiceXML version:

Test Suite versions:

  • VoiceXML Forum Test Suite v1.0, September 07, 2004
  • VoiceXML Forum Test Suite v1.0.1, January 26, 2005
  • VoiceXML Forum Test Suite v1.0.1a, May 10, 2005
  • VoiceXML Forum Test Suite v1.0.1b, July 27, 2005
  • VoiceXML Forum Test Suite v1.0.1c, July 29, 2006

VendorCTRProduct NameProduct VersionOperating SystemTelephony interfaceASR engineTTS engineDate Certified
Aspect SoftwareCTRAspect Customer-SelfService7.2Windows 2003T1 (remote testing via PSTN)SpeechWorks OSR3.0.9SpeechWorks Speechify 3.0.1June 2006
Aumtech, Inc.CTRAumtech CGATE VoiceXML Server3Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3.0SIP (remote testing via PSTN with VoIP gateway)Microsoft Speech ServerMicrosoft Speech ServerFebruary 2008
Avaya Business CommunicationsCTRAvaya Voice Portal3Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES relaease 3SIPSpeechWorks OSR3.0SpeechWorks Speechify 3.0.1July 2006
Avaya Business CommunicationsCTRAvaya Interactive Response1.3SolarisT1
SpeechWorks OSR3.0SpeechWorks Speechify 3.0.1May 2005
Cisco SystemsCTRIOS GW12.4TIOSremote testing via PSTN (ISDN)Loquendo ASR 6.7Loquendo TTS 6.5February  2007
Edify CorporationCTREdify Voice Interaction Platform (EVIP)9Windows 2000 SP4T1Nuance 8.5ScanSoft RealSpeak 3.5.1December 2004
Envox WorldwideCTREnvox Communications Development Platform6.1Windows 2000 SP4T1 ISDN 4ESSSpeechWorks OSR 3.0.3SpeechWorks Speechify 3.0.4June 2005
Genesys Telecommunications LaboratoriesCTRGenesys Voice Platform (GVP)7Windows 2000 SP4ISDN PRIScanSoft OSR 2.0.9ScanSoft Speechify 3.0.2April 2005
Holly ConnectsCTRHolly Voice PlatformV4.1Solaris 9remote testing via PSTN
(SIP with VoIP gateway)
Nuance 8.5ScanSoft Speechify 3.0.1July 2005
IntervoiceCTROmvia Media Server2.5Windows 2003ISDN PRI
(remote testing via PSTN)
OSR 3.0.4
Real Speak 4.0.6
October 2005
LoquendoCTRVoxNauta Platform7Windows 2000 SP4SIPLoquendo ASR 6.7Loquendo TTS 6.5December 2005
Microsoft CorporationCTRMicrosoft Speech Server 20072.61019Windows 2003SIP (remote testing via PSTN with VoIP gateway)Microsoft ASRMicrosoft TTSDecember 2006
NortelCTRMPS3Windows Server 2003T1ScanSoft OSR 3ScanSoft RealSpeak 4July 2005
Nuance CommunicationsCTRNuance Voice Platform (NVP)NVP-2004_07_28Windows 2000 SP4SIPNuance 8.5Nuance Vocalizer 4.0September 2004
Prosodie *CTRProsodie VXML-NG Browser2LinuxISDNNuance Recognizer 9.0Acapella 7.0January 2012
Plum VoiceCTRPlum Voice Platform3.0.0LinuxISDNNuance OSR 3.0AT&T NaturalVoices™ 1.4March 2007
SandCherry, Inc.CTRSandCherry Voice Platform3.2Redhat Enterprise Linux 4SIPNuance OSR 3.0.11Nuance Speechify 3.0.5December 2006
Telesoft TechnologiesCTROKEFORD Media Platform14.2Enterprise LinuxE1 (remote testing via PSTN)Nuance Recognizer 9.0Nuance Realspeak 4.5May 2008
TellMe Networks, A Microsoft SubsidiaryCTRTellme Networks VoiceXML Browser1SolarisVoIP (remote testing via PSTN through VoIP gateway)Microsoft Speech EngineMarch 2008
Vail Systems, Inc – ICT GroupCTRVail-ICT VoiceXML Interpreter2SolarisSIP (remote testing via PSTN with VoIP gateway)Nuance 8.5Nuance 4.0June 2006
Verizon BusinessCTRVerizonBusiness Hosted IVR8.4Redhat Enterprise ES release 3Clear Channel T1 (remote testing via PSTNNuance
OSR 3.0.11
RealSpeak 4.0.12
March 2008
Vocalocity, Inc.CTRVocalocity OEM Browser2.5Windows Server 2003 SP1SIPScansoft
OSR 2.0.6
Speechify 3.0.4
July 2005
VoiceGenie Technologies, Inc.CTRVoiceGenie Platform6LinuxT1
ScanSoft OSR 3.0.0ScanSoft Speechify 3.0.3September 2004
VoxeoCTRVoxeo Prophecy2006Windows 2003SIP with PRI VoIP gatewayVoxeo Prophecy Speech Recognizer 6.5Voxeo Prophecy Speech Synthesizer 6.5March 2006
VoxeoCTRVoxeo VoiceCenter6Windows 2000 SP4SIP (remote testing via PSTN with PRI VoIP gateway)Nuance 8.0 ASRScanSoft Speechify 2.0April 2005
VoxpilotCTRVoxpilot Open Media Platformv1.0Windows 2000 SP4remote testing via PSTNNuance v7.0.4ScanSoft RealSpeak 3.0.3September 2004
West CorporationCTRWest OpenVXI Browser2.5.0LinuxISDN, remote testing via PSTNScansoft OSR 3.0.4Speechify 3.0.1July 2005

*Tested in 2011 or beyond under updated test criteria from original 2.0 certification test criteria.