The Security and Identity Committee is a newly chartered exploratory committee and its primary objective is to define the scope and deliverables for a standing committee on security and identity. The Security and Identity Committee is dedicated to explaining issues and for offering recommendations to application authors, system administrators, platform companies, and technology providers for establishing reliable caller identities and for building and deploying secure applications.

The Security and Identity Committee’s activities may include:

  • Publishing documents or specifications addressing platform and application security
  • Publishing documents or specifications describing techniques and issued related to identity resolution in VoiceXML
  • Publishing a biometrics white paper (initiated by the Speaker Biometrics Committee)
  • Maintaining a liaison relationship with the American National Standards Institute’s M1 biometrics committee and supporting ongoing work for a data exchange format for speaker identification and verification

For more information, please read the Security and Identity Committee’s official charter.

Committee Participation

Participation in the Security and Identity Committee is open to Sponsor and Promoter members. To learn more about membership, please visit the Join Us page.


The committee works via email and holds weekly teleconferences.

Contact Information

To learn more about the Security and Identity Committee and its work, please e-mail