The Conformance Committee was chartered to establish a common understanding of the VoiceXML specification and its dependencies and oversees the VoiceXML Platform Certification Program. The VoiceXML Platform Certification Program certifies that the fundamental speech, web, and telephony standards required by VoiceXML have been correctly implemented by VoiceXML platforms. Platform certification has helped to stabilize and mature the industry by encouraging the cross-vendor interoperability of platforms, tools, and applications. To date, the VoiceXML Platform Certification Program has certified 25 VoiceXML platforms.

The Conformance Committee’s activities, included:

  • Defining, developing, and updating the VoiceXML Platform Certification Program test suites and testing tools
  • Developing and managing the VoiceXML Platform Certification Program
  • Collaborating with vendors and independent third-party laboratories to prepare for platform certification testing
  • Hosting interoperability testing events
  • Collaborating with the World Wide Web Consortium’s Voice Browser Working Group to improve test suites and relevant specifications

For more information, please read the Conformance Committee’s official charter.

Committee Participation

The Conformance Committee has concluded its work.