Interoperability is a primary objective of VoiceXML and related standards. Interoperability is not, however, assured by the existence of standards alone. A test program that certifies platform conformance to standards is critical. The VoiceXML Forum’s Platform Certification Program provides vendor-independent, industry-standard certification that will support all parts of the VoiceXML ecosystem.

Nearly every leading vendor in the speech industry has endorsed the VoiceXML Platform Certification Program.  Leading industry research firm Gartner recommends:

“Customers should require that vendors demonstrate their commitment [to VoiceXML] by gaining formal certification of their platforms.”

“Certification provides a new level of vendor differentiation on the VoiceXML platform level, Daniel Hong, Lead Analyst of Customer Interaction at Ovum”

The VoiceXML Platform Certification Program is managed and developed by the VoiceXML Forum’s Conformance Committee and provides impartiality through the use of independent third-party testing laboratories. The original VoiceXML 2.0 Platform Certification Program was very successful and certified 26 VoiceXML platforms. The VoiceXML 2.1 Platform Certification Program, launched on June 1, 2010, refreshes and adds new modules to the certification program. These vendors have certified their platforms on the VoiceXML 2.1 Platform certification program, and the Forum invites all industry vendors to participate in the 2.1 program.

The VoiceXML Forum’s “Certified Platform” logo is awarded to any vendor whose platform is certified. Vendors are encouraged to display the logo prominently on their companies’ websites and in sales and marketing materials.

The VoiceXML 2.1 Platform Certification Program

The VoiceXML Platform Certification Program is open to all vendors that wish to have their platforms tested. The 2.1 platform certification program covers VoiceXML 2.0 and 2.1, SRGS 1.0, and a small subset of SISR 1.0. To prepare for certification, follow the steps below:

  1. Obtain the publicly available test harness
  2. Configure the test harness for your specific platform (see the instructions included in the test harness download).
  3. Build the tests.
  4. Run the tests internally until you pass all tests indicated as required in the included manifests, and as many optional tests as you feel your platform should pass.
  5. If you find problems or have question, e-mail the conformance committee at (Note that only Sponsor and Promoter members of the VoiceXML Forum may use this list.)
  6. Once your platform passes all tests, submit a formal request for platform certification using the contact web form below.  Note: Platform certification is not a debugging session – your product is expected to pass all of the required tests and the optional tests you specify with a minimum of time spent on setup and configuration, and without patches or modifications to the platform itself.

Platform certification testing for VoiceXML 2.1 began on June 1, 2010.   To contact the Forum to have your platform certified please use our Contact Web Form.

VoiceXML 2.1 Platform Certification Program Pricing

Vendor has not Previously Certified*
Vendor has Previously Certified
VoiceXML Forum Non-Member $20,000 USD
$18,500 USD
VoiceXML Forum Supporter Member    $16,000 USD  $14,500 USD
VoiceXML Forum Promoter or Sponsor Member $13,500 USD  $12,000 USD

* “Previously Certified” means that the vendor has successfully certified a VoiceXML platform against either the 2.1 program or the previous 2.0 program.

Platforms that fail certification testing can be retested for an additional charge of $5,000 USD.  Fees are the same regardless of what modules are certified against.