The VoiceXML Forum offers many valuable resources to help its members and the greater VoiceXML community learn more about VoiceXML and adjacent technologies:

  • VoiceXML Solutions Directory: the industry’s most comprehensive products and services directory.
  • Education Exchange: an online resource for university and college instructors and students involved in VoiceXML training and research.
  • Tutorials: a variety of technical articles and presentations for beginning and experienced VoiceXML developers.
  • VoiceXML Review: archives of the VoiceXML Forum’s online publication. Each issue includes technical articles, interviews with industry experts, news, tutorials, and updates from the VoiceXML Forum committees.
  • Standards and Industry Organizations: a listing of relevant standards organizations and other industry consortia.
  • Books: a listing of published books for beginning and experienced VoiceXML developers.