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The VoiceXML Forum Announces a Competitive Grant Program Championing New Technology or Standards in the Area of Voice Technology

The VoiceXML Forum will issue (2) grants, each grant will be in the amount of $25,000 to an individual, or group of individuals affiliated with a not for profit institution for an initiative or alliance championing new technology or standards in the area of Voice Technology that continues to display the spirit of The VoiceXML Forum’s original mission.

An Important Announcement to Members Of The VoiceXML Forum

The VoiceXML Forum was created in 1999 with the mission to promote and to accelerate the worldwide adoption of VoiceXML-based applications. After 15 years as the premier trade organization for voice dialogue technology, The VoiceXML Forum is pleased to announce it has succeeded in establishing VoiceXML as the standard application language for voice dialogues, now widely adopted across the industry.

To celebrate this accomplishment, The VoiceXML Forum is extending to all of its current members in good standing a complimentary annual membership that will afford members the same member benefits and privileges with no fees.

Having made VoiceXML a leading dialogue technology, The VoiceXML Forum will shift its efforts and will focus today on maintaining awareness of VoiceXML and its benefits to the industry. Details of the changes being implemented as a result of this shift are available in this Q&A.

Thank you for making The VoiceXML Forum a success!

Program Highlights

In support of the Forum’s mission, the VoiceXML Forum is proud to have contributed to the book Multimodal Interaction with W3C Standards: Toward Natural User Interfaces to Everything edited by Deborah A. Dahl; the VoiceXML Forum authored the second chapter entitled, “The Role and Importance of Speech Standards.” (See abstract below.) The book is available through Springer International Publishing and can be obtained here.

“Within only a few years the landscape of speech and DTMF applications changed from being based on proprietary languages to being completely based on speech standards. In that, a role of primary importance was played by W3C Voice Browser Working Group (VBWG). This chapter describes this change, the implications, and highlights the standards created by the W3C VBWG, as well as the benefits that these standards can induce in many other application fields, including multi-modal interfaces.”

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