The Tools Committee, was chartered to help accelerate the adoption of VoiceXML by making VoiceXML applications easier to develop. The committee consisted of four working groups: Data Logging, Metalanguage, Advanced Dialogs, and Open Source Grammars.

The Data Logging Working Group sought to define a methodology for collecting, storing, and retrieving runtime data, and published the Session Log Annotation Markup Language (SLAML) specification. SLAML describes a methodology for collecting, storing and retrieving runtime data for speech-based services and will help make data-analysis and service-tuning tools platform-independent. The SLAML specification includes four documents:

The Metalanguage Working Group sought to increase the quality, availability, and interoperability of software for building and supporting VoiceXML-based speech services by creating specifications that allow tools to be platform-independent and vendor-independent, so that tools and applications created by different vendors are compatible.

The Advanced Dialogs Working Group was chartered to accelerate the transfer of advanced dialog concepts from research to industry and to encourage the incorporation of advanced dialog methods into commercial applications.

The Open Source Grammars Working Group sought to create a set of open source grammars for use in speech recognition.

A complete listing of the VoiceXML Forum’s published technical documents can be found here.

Committee Participation

The Tools Committee has concluded its work.