The VoiceXML Forum is open to any company interested in supporting the development and adoption of VoiceXML and adjacent technologies. The VoiceXML Forum offers three membership levels: Sponsor, Promoter and Supporter. Companies may join the VoiceXML Forum as Promoters or Supporters, and they may be nominated by current Sponsors to become Sponsors.

Sponsor members set the strategy for the VoiceXML Forum. Sponsor members vote to approve committee outputs, including technical publications, approve charters for new committee, and provide overall leadership to the organization.

Promoter members take an active role in the organization. Promoter members participate in committees, sponsor new initiatives, and review committee deliverables.

Supporter members are committed to VoiceXML and open standards and can promote their affiliation with the VoiceXML Forum.

2010 Membership Fees

Membership LevelMembership LevelAnnual Membership Fee
Promoter (large)101 or more employees$5,000.00
Promoter (medium)31-100 employees$2,000.00
Promoter (small)1-30 employees$500.00

To find out more about the benefits associated with each membership level, please review the Membership Benefits Matrix.

When you are ready to apply for membership, please visit the Become a Member page.