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Virgin Atlantic is one of the top brands in the travel industry and is known as a leader and an innovator in all areas of its business. Virgin Atlantic wanted to replace its legacy touch-tone phone information system with a solution that could provide a more-flexible, more-intuitive caller experience and handle more than half a million customer calls each year.

Virgin Atlantic chose the VoiceXML-based Nuance Voice Platform™ from Nuance as the foundation of its new voice-driven flight information service. The VoiceXML platform allowed the system to be built on Virgin Atlantic’s choice of operating systems, telephony hardware and application servers. Because VoiceXML is based on open standards, Virgin Atlantic can easily migrate its voice-driven applications between hosted and customer-premise configurations, should it choose.

Virgin Atlantic’s successful VoiceXML-based deployment allowed the company to improve its customer experience, reduce costs and support its brand identity. In addition, the new flight information system is consistent with the company’s cutting-edge and customer-oriented reputation.