The Web’s capabilities have grown rapidly since its inception:

  • Web servers once delivered only static content, but now generate it dynamically using scripts, server pages, servlets and other technologies. They also provide access to databases and legacy systems. VoiceXML takes advantage of all these generation technologies.
  • Web data representation has advanced. XML is a general, flexible data representation with transformation technologies that make it easy to convert one XML structure into another, or into a non-XML format. VoiceXML is based on XML.
  • The Internet is improving in performance, bandwidth, and quality of service. These improvements lead to new types of web applications and services, which in turn spur more improvements. VoiceXML strongly benefits from the ability to move audio data efficiently across the web.
  • Web application development tools are becoming more powerful. Some of these, such as XML-sensitive editors, can be used to ease VoiceXML development.