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Bankinter is the leading Internet bank and brokerage firm in Spain. Bankinter conducted extensive tests that showed widespread customer demand and enthusiastic support for a multimodal interface that would make the bank’s mobile applications, including stock trading and account management, more usable and user-friendly.

“Our customers wanted the flexibility to get financial information, and to transact business from their mobile phones, but do not like the current click-click and triple tapping interface,” said Jesus Marquina, Chief Information Officer at Bankinter. “We strongly believe that offering them the choice of voice-enabled search, and of entering information by speaking and seeing the results on the screen, will further increase the number of completed self-care transactions, and improve customer satisfaction.”

One of Bankinter’s requirements was that the platform on which the solution was built must be standards-compliant. The brokerage application has both a “visual” component built in Java, and a “voice” component built in VoiceXML. Kirusa’s Multi-Modal Solution for IP voice (KMS-IPV) was integrated with Loquendo’s VoxNauta VoiceXML platform to create a speech-enabled, standards-based multimodal offering. Using Loquendo and Kirusa technology, Bankinter’s application takes advantage of the full power of VoiceXML in building the multimodal interface