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The Siemens HiPath OpenScape solution is a real-time, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based communications software suite. It is designed to quickly and easily synchronize people, devices and information across all networks to facilitate action and decision-making.

As a presence-enhanced and permission-based collaboration portal, the HiPath OpenScape solution:

  • Resides on the Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) platform.
  • Integrates directly into existing workflow applications through a Web services toolkit.
  • Provides a real-time presence views of users, groups and devices associated within business applications.
  • Includes speech-enabled conferencing and collaboration.

The HiPath OpenScape solution brings full-spectrum presence capabilities to enterprises with growing numbers of mobile and nomadic workers who are most effective when collaborative processes are unified. For example, a manager at an insurance company can see a presence-enabled view of the entire team of available quote experts, including the best devices to use for real-time contact with these experts. This entire collaboration process would be directly integrated into the enterprise’s insurance-quoting application, giving the manager the ability to immediately resolve the customer’s question at the initial point of contact.

As a result, the HiPath OpenScape solution accelerates critical revenue-generating business process and makes organizations more competitive.

Through its powerful design concept of “associated devices,” OpenScape extends the presence-based communication paradigm to non-SIP devices, including PBX phones, mobile phones and other telephony devices. All that is required is a SIP gateway between OpenScape and the telephony network.

The Voice Portal in OpenScape, powered by Vocalocity’s VoiceXML Browser, enables telephone access to e-mail, voice mail, contact lists, calendars, workgroups, documents and more. Using touchtone commands or directed speech, OpenScape users can also access the OpenScape Web application to change their presence status, specify a preferred phone and even initiate conference calls with predefined workgroups.

The top-rated, award-winning HiPath OpenScape solution features a self-service portal that gives users the power to create custom greetings on their own Web pages. Web page content can be read to the caller by the Vocalocity-powered Media Server. Following are a few of the capabilities that callers can take advantage of when they access the HiPath OpenScape’s self-service portal:

  • Voicemail functions: leave a message, transfer from voicemail
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar functions: with a user-provided password, the guest can schedule, cancel or modify appointments with the user and receive email confirmation of an appointment
  • Document access functions: read or retrieve by e-mail or fax a document stored in Microsoft Exchange folders

The HiPath OpenScape architecture reflects Siemens’ corporate commitment to standards and innovation. The clear choice for the voice presentation layer of the HiPath OpenScape portal, VoiceXML, was selected because it is a true standard with broad industry support. VoiceXML capably delivers the HiPath OpenScape solution’s feature-rich voice interface, interoperating seamlessly with the portal’s open, service-oriented architecture.