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mobilkom austria, Austria’s leading mobile communications provider, commands a market share of approximately 42 percent of all Austrian mobile phone users. In addition, mobilkom austria also provides wireless services in Croatia, Slovenia, and Liechtenstein. With the support of VoiceGenie Technologies, mobilkom austria now uses a VoiceXML-platform to deliver next-generation interactive voice response (IVR) solutions to their subscribers.

One advanced IVR application launched by mobilkom austria includes a music ringback tone service. Ringback tones are customized audio clips, such as music from popular artists that callers hear instead of the usual ringing tone when they dial a number. Subscribers can order ringback tones through the WAP micro-browser on their cell phone, or they can call into an IVR contact center. By leveraging VoiceGenie’s VoiceXML 2.0-compliant platform, mobilkom austria was able to use the same Web server and business logic for both the WAP interface and the voice interface. This led to lower deployment costs and a rapid development time, as VoiceXML leverages existing Internet infrastructure and development skill-sets and enables rapid voice application development.