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Mobile communications provider MobileOne (“M1”) wanted to integrate multiple existing interactive voice response systems and to have the flexibility to rapidly add additional voice-driven services to its roster of offerings. HP consolidated M1’s voice-driven services on HP OpenCall Media Platform, a carrier-grade VoiceXML platform which supports the rapid development and secure deployment of next-generation messaging, group communications and enhanced voice-enabled interactive services. As a result, M1 customers have one-number access to all M1 services.

M1 selected the HP OpenCall solution because its media platform is based on VoiceXML, a standards-based language that M1 considered mature enough for professionally developing voice services. The HP OpenCall Media Platform gives M1 the ability to deploy additional VoiceXML-based service offerings easily and rapidly. Like all VoiceXML applications, these new services can be readily created by any development team familiar with standard XML programming.

The flexibility, extensibility and time-to-market advantages provided by VoiceXML are critical to M1’s business. “With growing demand and a more discerning customer base, we have to constantly update our IT systems to continually deliver innovative mobile services to our customers at the shortest possible time and the most convenient way,” said Patrick Scodeller, Chief Technical Officer of M1. “HP enables us to quickly integrate, deploy and push out our next-generation voice services in this very competitive business environment where time to market represents the difference between a market leader and a follower.”