Volume 2, Issue 2 - Feb./March 2002

Article #1

Call Control Work Progressing Quickly in the W3C
By Brad Porter

By combining voice recognition and dialog flow in a simple XML-based language, VoiceXML is revolutionizing the industry. However, in order to build applications that move the caller across a telephony network, call control is necessary.

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Article #2

Call Control and Voice Apps: CCXML
By RJ Auburn

The W3C has just released the first working draft of CCXML, a language to provide Call Control support for telephone applications. CCXML is the "Call Control eXtensible Markup Language". It is an XML based language that can control the setup, monitoring, and tear down of phone calls. CCXML allows the industry to leverage the strength of web platforms and technologies to intelligently control calls on and off the telephone network. Additionally, CCXML will create a high-level industry standard for Call Control that can run over any telephony platform.

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Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Engelsma introduces the articles of the February/March issue of VoicexML Review.

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In this month's column, titled "VoiceXML Resources," Rob Marchand explores the many resources available to further explore VoiceXML

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Our resident VoiceXML expert, Jeff Kunins, uses this month's column to explore the Form Interpretation Algorithm and the "n-best" list concept.

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March 2002

The W3C's Voice Browser Working Group publishes the Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML 1.0 Working Draft Specification.
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March 2002

W3C announces XHTML+Voice submission for multimodal interactions from IBM, Motorola and Opera Software.
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March 2002

VoiceXML Forum formally announces its support for W3C's Multimodal Interaction Activity.
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