Volume 2, Issue 2 - Feb./March 2002

RJ Auburn

RJ Auburn is Chief Network Architect for Voxeo, the leading provider of hosted integrated voice services for businesses. As a champion of open standards, RJ is Editor of the W3C Call Control XML (CCXML) markup language and oversees Voxeo's leadership contribution to VoiceXML, ENUM/DNS, and other industry standards. Prior to Voxeo, RJ was a Senior Consultant at Quality Call Solutions, a supplier of IVR and CTI solutions for the enterprise Call Center market.

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Jeff Kunins

Jeff is a respected industry leader in the fields of voice application networks and VoiceXML technology. He is a frequently invited speaker at leading trade conferences, and is often quoted in press articles focusing on voice technology. Jeff regularly contributes articles to publications including VoiceXML Review and WirelessDevNet.com, and is currently co-authoring one of the first books on VoiceXML development. Upon joining Tellme in early 2000, Jeff co-conceived, built, and managed the debut of Tellme Studio. Tellme Studio is the world's first and most popular VoiceXML resource suite that now supports a community of over 10,000 developers and 1,000 publicly deployed appliations. Currently, Jeff's team helps define and articulate Tellme's strategic direction for meeting the needs of Enterprise customers, and is responsible for all technical marketing, sales tools, and enterprise pricing structure. Previously during a four year tenure at Microsoft, Jeff led a diverse set of platform and consumer efforts including Microsoft Passport, Microsoft SILK advanced Web server technology, and Microsoft Cinemania. He is a co-inventor of patent pending technologies for distributed Web authentication and key management, and helped drive Microsoft's acquisitions of Hotmail and Firefly Networks. Outside of work, Jeff is a critically acclaimed composer and sound designer for live theatre..

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Rob Marchand

Rob Marchand is Director of Products and Services Development for VoiceGenie Technologies Inc. Rob has been with VoiceGenie Technologies since 1999, and has worked in advanced computing and telecommunications since 1985. At VoiceGenie, Rob is responsible for the VoiceGenie Developer Workshop (http://developer.voicegenie.com), and new products and services development. Rob is a member of the VoiceXML Education Committee, and of USENIX and SAGE, and a regular contributor to SANS. VoiceGenie is a Promoter Member of the VoiceXML Forum.

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Brad Porter

Brad Porter is platform architect for TellMe, and is working as an editor on VoiceXML 2.0 and head of the call group. Brad developed Tellme's first XML-based voice platform within a few days of joining the company as its fifth employee.

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