Volume 1, Issue 7 - July 2001

Article #1

Testing VoiceXML Applications
By Bryan Michael and Mukund Bhagavan

The authors outline the key considerations related to VoiceXML application testing as well as strategies and tactics used to speed testing in each of these areas. They also detail important VoiceXML performance testing considerations for large-scale commercial deployments of VoiceXML applications. By examining various factors that affect performance and discussing strategies to increase performance, developers can be confident their applications will provide the best possible experience to end-users.

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Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Engelsma steps away from the heat of summer to introduce the July issue.

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In this month's column, titled "ECMAScript," Rob Marchand
looks at the scripting language built into VoiceXML to allow the development of user interfaces that are more responsive and fully featured.

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VoiceXML Review
Editorial Board member Eric Tober takes the wheel in this month's column. He informs readers on how VoiceXML works with the Caller ID function, and also how VoiceXML can track and record the duration of a call.

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15 July 2001

VoiceXML Forum membership passes the 500 member mark. The VoiceXML Forum now comprised of 4 Sponsors, 55 Promoters, and 449 Supporters.
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15 July 2001

Want to learn more about VoiceXML and the VoiceXML Forum? Be sure to check out the VoiceXML Tutorials and the FAQs, both which are full of important VoiceXML information for the novice and expert alike.
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15 July 2001

Interested in writing an article for VoiceXML Review? The editorial schedule for the 2001 publication year has been announced.
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