Volume 2, Issue 3 - April/May 2002


Jonathan Engelsma

Managing Editor

Greg Kohn

VoiceXML Forum Publications Board

Carl Clouse, Motorola
Jonathan Engelsma, Motorola
Gerald Karam, AT&T
Kim Kemble, IBM
Greg Kohn, VoiceXML Forum
Peter Lefkin, VoiceXML Forum
Eric D. Tober, Nuance
Steph Tryphonas, Tellme

VoiceXML Forum Editorial Panel

Dan Burnett, Nuance
Pete Danielsen, Lucent Technologies
Martin Dragomirecky, Cisco
Giuseppe "Pino" Di Fabbrizio, AT&T
Jim Ferrans, Motorola
Andrew Hunt, SpeechWorks
Edgar Kalns, Nuance
David Ladd, Dynamicsoft
Scott McGlashan, Pipebeach
Mike Prince, Nuance
Ken Rehor, Nuance
David Reich, IBM
Dave Renshaw, IBM

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