Volume 2, Issue 3 - April/May 2002

February 2002 Features


W3C Natural Language Semantics Markup Language
By Deborah A. Dahl

Natural Language Semantic Markup Language (NLSML) is an XML-based markup for representing the meaning of a natural language utterance. With NLSML, applications can have a standardized way of representing the output from a speech recognizer in terms that are meaningful to a dialog manager such as a VoiceXML interpreter. Although NLSML isn't widely used yet, it has great potential for playing a role in supporting richer and more complex interactions between users and systems in the future.

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VoiceXML: A Publishing Standard for Accessibility
By Brian Ty Graham

The emergence of VoiceXML as an open and widely supported standard induced a paradigm shift in the voice application and IVR market by empowering web developers to write voice applications efficiently. VoiceXML is having a profound effect on not only IVR and traditional-telephony applications but also on extending the enterprise and consumer applications to be accessed by voice.

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