Volume 1, Issue 5 - May 2001

Article #1

Ten Steps to a Commercial-Grade VoiceXML Application
By T. Todd Elvins

Only within the past few months have VoiceXML interpreters become robust, feature-rich and capable of supporting a carrier-grade commercial application. This article assumes that carrier-grade VoiceXML interpreters will continue to mature and evolve, and focuses instead on the challenges of developing a commercial-grade VoiceXML application to run on the interpreter.

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Article #2

City CarShare Reservation System:
A VoiceXML Case Study
By Rachel McConnell and Bryan Michael

City CarShare is a San Francisco nonprofit company whose mission is to reduce the number of cars in the city through shared ownership. Members can reserve a car through the website or by calling the office. Because of the company's limited resources and its need to service their members around the clock, a VoiceXML application is the perfect solution.

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Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Engelsma provides an overview of the articles in the fifth issue of VoiceXML Review.

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In this month's column, titled "More Ways to Order Pizza," Rob Marchand
examines a few more ways to implement the pizza ordering page for his highly successful (though fictional) pizza franchise.

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In this month's column, Jeff Kunins answers another batch of reader-submitted questions. Specifically, he domonstrates the "destexpr" attribute tag in the <transfer> element, explains authentication in terms of VoiceXML applications, details the ins and outs of voice recognition, and predicts the future of voice-activated web standards.

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16 May 2001

VoiceXML Forum membership grows to
481 member companies--including
4 Sponsor Members, 53 Promoter Members and 424 Supporter Members.
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16 May 2001

IBM and VoiceGenie become the first Forum members to roll out their VoiceXML Forum Portal Pages. These pages provide key links to VoiceXML information on each company's external web site.
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16 May 2001

The inaugural meeting of the VoiceXML Forum's Boston Users Group attracts
40 people from over 20 companies.
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16 May 2001

Interested in writing an article for VoiceXML Review? The editorial schedule for the 2001 publication year has been announced.
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