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Call For Articles - 2004

The VoiceXML Forum’s Publication Board invites members of the VoiceXML community to consider sharing their VoiceXML success stories in the Forum’s VoiceXML Review e-zine. The current 2004 editorial calendar is given below. If you intend to submit an article for the publication to consider for publication, be sure you read the author guidelines included in the author kit.

January/February 2004 - VoiceXML Business and Cost Savings Perspectives
Articles Due: January 31, 2004
Description: Has your business achieved major cost savings by adopting VoiceXML? What business benefits and/or issues should be considered when deploying VoiceXML solutions? If you have experience in these areas, the January/February issue of VoiceXML Review will be a great place to share this information.

March/April 2004 - Standards Updates
Articles Due: February 29, 2004
Rapid strides have been made in the speech community with regard to standardization. The March / April issue of the VoiceXML Review will be dedicated to providing a snapshot on the current situation in the various standard bodies working on VoiceXML and/or related specifications. In addition to updates from the standard bodies themselves, we are interested in experience reports on implementing the VoiceXML and related specifications.

May/June 2004 - VoiceXML Conformance & Portability
Articles Due: April 15, 2004
One of the benefits of having a voice dialog standard is the fact that applications in theory can be easily ported from one platform to another. Given the fact that the VoiceXML 2.0 specification will soon become a W3C Recommendation, conformance is now a hot topic. The VoiceXML Forum’s Conformance Committee launched a formal conformance-testing program in the Fall of 2003. The intent of the May/June issue of the VoiceXML Review is to take a close look at the current state of things in terms of conformance and portability. If you have experience in this area, whether it involves running the Forum’s official conformance tests, or writing portable VoiceXML applications on multiple non-conforming platforms, here is your opportunity to share your story.

July/August 2004 - VoiceXML in Education
Articles Due: June 15, 2004
There are several of universities and colleges that have begun including VoiceXML-related topics in their curriculum. In addition, there are VoiceXML vendors who provide special academic licenses of their products to make it easy for educational institutions to use their technologies in the classroom and/or laboratory. This issue of the VoiceXML Review will take a look at how VoiceXML is being used in education. If you are an instructor and/or researcher in an educational institution and are utilizing VoiceXML technology, you are encouraged to submit an article for this issue. In addition, if you are a VoiceXML vendor and have training/research partnerships and/or special licensing available with educational institutions, this issue of the VoiceXML Review will be an excellent place to share your experiences.

September/October 2004 - VoiceXML’s Role in Multimodality
Articles Due: August 15, 2004
Multimodal interfaces are a huge new opportunity for VoiceXML. These consist of a visual mode (e.g., a display, keyboard, and mouse) coupled with the voice mode and perhaps other modes (e.g., pen input). VoiceXML can be combined naturally and elegantly with other W3C standards to form a markup language for multimodal. The VoiceXML Forum endorses the XHTML + Voice Profile (X+V) specification submitted by IBM, Motorola and Opera to the W3C. X+V is essentially a collection of existing standard markup languages for expressing multimodal dialogs. The September/October issue of the VoiceXML Review will be dedicated to VoiceXML’s role in multimodality. We encourage the submission of articles that explore the XHTML + Voice specification in terms of implementing it, as well as articles that describe/explore implementing multimodal applications in XHTML + Voice.

November/December 2004 - VoiceXML Success Stories
Articles Due: October 15, 2004
For the November/December issue of the VoiceXML Review we’re looking for experience reports that describe your successes with VoiceXML. Whether you’ve saved a bundle replacing your legacy call center with an external VoiceXML hosting service, or you’re a pioneering first-mover and have successfully deployed an XHTML + Voice solution, we’d like to hear your story!

Other Topics
If your article idea does not match any the topics above, we'd still like to hear from you. While priority will be given to the topics above, we will consider publishing articles on additional topics as time and space permit.

Submitting Your Article
If you would like your article to be considered for publication in one of these issues, please download the VoiceXML Forum's Author Kit and follow the instructions for formatting and submitting your article. Pay particular close attention to the style guidelines, as that will increase the odds of getting your article published.

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