Volume 1, Issue 8 - August/September 2001

Article #1

Integrating VoiceXML and an Application Server:
A Case Study
By Lionel Lavallee

This article gives a background on the voice strategies of HP Bluestone, and provides the reader with all the information necessary to download and explore the functionality of these technologies.

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Article #2

VoiceXML Experience Report:
Flight Tracker Voice Application
By Dr. David Noever

Describes the VoiceXML application for a commercial Airlines flight tracker that delivers voice query searches of current flight status for 2000 in-air flights per day, using the TellMe Networks deployment environment, perl, javascript and server-side search of dynamic data inputs. The piece also covers general principles of usability and programming.

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Article #3

Object-Oriented VoiceXML
By John Hicks

The author explains how to bring Automatic Speech Recognition to the mass market by using VoiceXML for deployability and reusable parts.

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Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Engelsma puts his spin on the articles in this month's August/September double issue.

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In this month's column, titled "Caching and Prefetching VoiceXML," Rob Marchand
looks at how VoiceXML programmers can utilize existing Web technologies to develop applications, specifially through mechanisms such as caching and prefetching.

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Jeff Kunins rejoins Review for this month's column to explain VoiceXML's support of cookies, as well as post-hangup processing.

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15 July 2001

The VoiceXML Forum's Conformance Committee announces plans for Certification Program, published VoiceXML Sample Documents.
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15 July 2001

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15 July 2001

Interested in writing an article for VoiceXML Review? The editorial schedule for the 2001 publication year has been announced.
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