Volume 2, Issue 6 - September/October 2002

Article #1

Upcoming Users Group Meeting Offers Insight into VoiceXML Progress and Achievements

By Kurt Kolok

VoiceXML Forum will sponsor a Users Group Meeting (UGM) on 31 October 2002 at the 8th Annual SpeechTEK International Expo and Educational Conference in New York City. The UGM is designed to provide a true users group environment by promoting open discussion and Q & A sessions to discuss critical information related to VoiceXML applications and implementations.

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Article #2

Results of the VoiceXML Forum Survey

By Jonathan Engelsma and Joni Brennan

In August 2002 the VoiceXML Forum's Education Committee conducted an on-line survey on VoiceXML. Our objective was to try to gauge the interest level within the VoiceXML community on the various ongoing and proposed activities within the Forum so that we can better calibrate our efforts with the interests of the Forum's membership and beyond.

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Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Engelsma introduces the articles of the October / November issue of VoicexML Review.

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In this month's column, titled "VoiceXML Events - All About Events - Part Two," Rob Marchand continues his last First Words column on VoiceXML events. This month Rob presents the concept of tapered prompts in VoiceXML, and also sheds some light on how to accomplish post call processing when a user hangs up on a VoiceXML application.

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This month Matt Oshry plumbs the technical depths of VoiceXML by exposing the facts behind some of the more arcane yet important timing-related issues that you've encountered in your VoiceXML apps.

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October 2002

VoiceXML Forum Uses SpeechTEK 2002 as Setting for Upcoming Users Group Meeting
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October 2002

W3C publishes draft Voice Browser Call Control Specification.

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