Volume 2, Issue 6 - September/October 2002

Joni Brennan

Joni Brennan is finishing her B.A. studies of Information Technology and Informatics, at Rutgers University, School of Communication, Information and Library Sciences (SCILS) in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She has focused her study on topics including: Information Visualization, Social Informatics and Web Development. She is currently interning for the IEEE-ISTO, in a position in which she provides Technical and Communicational support for the VoiceXML Forum, the VoiceXML Review and the VoiceXML Forum Education Committee.

Jonathan Engelsma

Jonathan Engelsma wrote his first voice-enabled application in 1995 when he worked in Motorola's Intelligent Network organization. He currently works at Motorola on Motorola's VoiceXML interpreter. Dr. Engelsma also serves as Editor-in-Chief for the VoiceXML Review e-zine and chairs the VoiceXML Forum's Education Committee. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science at Michigan State University. Motorola is a founding member (Sponsor) of the VoiceXML Forum.

Rob Marchand

Rob Marchand is Director of Products and Services Development for VoiceGenie Technologies Inc. Rob has been with VoiceGenie Technologies since 1999, and has worked in advanced computing and telecommunications since 1985. At VoiceGenie, Rob is responsible for the VoiceGenie Developer Workshop (http://developer.voicegenie.com), and new products and services development. Rob is a member of the VoiceXML Education Committee, and of USENIX and SAGE, and a regular contributor to SANS. VoiceGenie is a Promoter Member of the VoiceXML Forum.

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Matt Oshry

Matt Oshry is a regular columnist for the Speak & Listen column in the VoiceXML Review. Matt is currently the Content Manager at Tellme Networks. Previously, Matt spent seven years at Microsoft writing technical documentation.

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