Volume 3, Issue 2 - March/April 2003

March / April 2003 Features


Elvira - a VoiceXML Platform for Research

By Pavel Cenek

Research in the field of dialogue systems often involves creating an experimental application, which is used for testing new ideas, statistical data collection, various measurements, performance tests, etc. A significant amount of time is spent on the creation of such an application before the scientific work itself can start.

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Community Radio Stations use publicVoiceXML

By Roland Alton-Scheidl

PublicVoiceXML (http://www.publicVoiceXML.org) is both, the name of a VoiceXML 2.0 compliant browser and the name of a trial project with European community radio stations, who are evaluating VoiceXML technology for their day-to-day business. Some of them, such as Vienna's community radio station Orange 94.0, have contributed to the user requirements phase and have been successfully integrating VoiceXML into their content management and remote journalists management system. The trial activity, which started on March 1st 2002 and which will be lasting until August 2003, is partially supported by the Information Society Technology Program of the European Commission as one out of seven Open Source lead projects.

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OpenVXI: Fostering VoiceXML via Open Source

By Brian Eberman

SpeechWorks has provided an open source VoiceXML interpreter since April of 2001 to reduce barriers for developers considering building VoiceXML solutions. SpeechWorks partnered with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to make OpenVXI software available from the CMU site (http://fife.speech.cs.cmu.edu/openvxi/index.html), as well as to host and archive a mailing list. Since its inception, almost 1,500 individual downloads of OpenVXI have occurred. The mailing list has also seen significant activity with the open source community participating to assist with technical issues or provide comments and suggestions for enhancements.

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