Volume 1, Issue 3 - Mar. 2001

The VoiceXML Forum's Publication Board is looking for contributors for it's monthly VoiceXML Review e-zine. The current editorial calendar is as follows:

June 2001 - Human Factors Considerations
(Abstracts Due: April 1, 2001)

July 2001 - Testing VoiceXML Applications
(Abstracts Due: May 1, 2001)

August 2001 - VoiceXML Programming Techniques
(Abstracts Due: June 1, 2001)

September 2001 - Experience Reports: VoiceXML in Action
( Abstracts Due: July 1, 2001)

October 2001 - Server Side Technologies
(Abstracts Due: August 1, 2001)

November 2001 - VoiceXML Conformance Considerations
(Abstracts Due: September 1, 2001)

December 2001 -V-Commerce
(Abstracts Due: October 1, 2001)

If you would like to be considered as a feature author in one of these issues, please email the Editor (Jonathan.Engelsma@voicexmlreview.org) the following information by the appropriate due date listed above:

  • Your name
  • Which issue you would like your article to be considered for.
  • A brief abstract (200 words or less) of the article you propose to write.
  • The name of your organization.
  • Your primary job function within that organization.
  • Any additional comments you feel are relevant.

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