Volume 2, Issue 4 - June 2002

Article #1

The World Wide Web Consortium's Activities in Multimodal Interaction

By Deborah A. Dahl

Currently interaction with the web takes place primarily with standard web pages on desktop browsers. Newer forms of interaction, such as voice interaction and mobile handset applications, are also starting to become more widespread. Multimodal interaction adds new dimensions to the experience of interacting with web applications. It goes beyond GUI or voice-only inputs by allowing users to interact with applications in multiple ways, combining several modes. Eventually, input modes could include speech, keyboard, pointing devices, and handwriting, as well as other modes that might become popular in the future, such as gestures.

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Article #2

XHTML+Voice --- Bringing Spoken Interaction To The WWW

By T.V. Raman

XHTML+Voice provides a set of technologies for enabling WWW developers add voice interaction to Web content by providing access to appropriate features of Voice XML from an XHTML context. XHTML+Voice was submitted by IBM, Opera and Motorola to the W3C in December 2001 to help integrate visual and voice components of the W3C standards framework in creating multimodal user experiences. As a published document, It provides guidance to WWW developers on how various W3C technologies --XHTML, XML Events and Voice XML in this case-- can be used to bring spoken interaction to traditional WWW content without the need for creating a new language for that purpose.

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Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Engelsma introduces the articles of the June issue of VoicexML Review.

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In this month's column, titled "Life in the Shadows," Rob Marchand takes a wider ranging look at shadow variables and their role in VoiceXML.

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Meet Matt Oshry, our new Speak & Listen columnist. This month Matt answers reader questions on VoiceXML 2.0.

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June 2002

The W3C's Voice Browser Working Group publishes the Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML 1.0 Working Draft Specification.
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June 2002

W3C announces XHTML+Voice submission for multimodal interactions from IBM, Motorola and Opera Software.
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June 2002

VoiceXML Forum formally announces its support for W3C's Multimodal Interaction Activity.
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