Volume 1, Issue 6 - June 2001

Bill Byrne

June 2001: Turning GUIS into VUIs: Dialog Design Principles for Making Web Applications Accessible by Phone

Bill Byrne is manager of dialog design and development at SAP Labs' new Voice Center in Palo Alto, California, where he is working to voice enable SAP's existing enterprise applications. Before joining SAP Labs, Byrne spent two years at General Magic, Inc. as director of speech and language. In addition to several other applications, Byrne and his team designed and developed Onstar's Virtual Advisor, a hands-free, in-vehicle voice application providing users with email, stock quotes, weather, news, sports, entertainment, and traffic reports. To date it remains one of the largest deployed applications written in VoiceXML. Byrne holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of California, San Diego. Bill can be contacted at william.byrne@sap.com.

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Jonathan Engelsma

June 2001: Speak & Listen

Jonathan Engelsma wrote his first voice-enabled application in 1995 when he worked in Motorola's Intelligent Network organization. He currently works for Motorola's Internet Software and Content Group as a software architect for Motorola's Mya Voice Platform products. Dr. Engelsma also serves as Editor-in-Chief for the VoiceXML Review e-zine and is a member of the VoiceXML Forum's Education Committee. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science at Michigan State University. Motorola is a founding member (Sponsor) of the VoiceXML Forum.

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Mike Farley

June 2001: User Centered Design for VoiceXML Applications

Mike is a Member of Technical Staff with Lucent Technologies, specializing in user centered design for software and information products. Mike has 35 years of customer and user-facing experience in wireless and wireline telecommunications systems and intelligent networks. He provides human performance support through user centered design, facilitating cross-functional design and development teams, technical training, and process and organizational redesign. For the past two years, Mike has been responsible for user-centered designs for a variety of service applications that implement VoiceXML, WML (wireless markup language), and web browser user interfaces. Mike is currently co-authoring "Voice Application Development with VoiceXML," scheduled for publication in the fall.

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Ed Halpern

June 2001: Human Factors and Voice Applications

Edward S. Halpern, Ph.D., manages a team of human factors professionals in Motorola's Internet Software and Content Group, with an emphasis on the Mya™ Voice Platforms applications and services. Prior to joining Motorola in 1998, Ed was a Member of Technical Staff at Lucent Technologies (aka AT&T, Bell Laboratories, etc.) where he designed and evaluated user interfaces with a variety of technologies including ISDN telephone services, IVR applications, PC GUIs, Web GUIs, interactive television, speech recognition and text to speech. He has been designing voice user interfaces since 1990.
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Rob Marchand

January 2001: First Words
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June 2001: First Words

Rob Marchand is Director of Products and Services Development for VoiceGenie Technologies Inc. Rob has been with VoiceGenie Technologies since 1999, and has worked in advanced computing and telecommunications since 1985. At VoiceGenie, Rob is responsible for the VoiceGenie Developer Workshop (http://developer.voicegenie.com), and new products and services development. Rob is a member of the VoiceXML Education Committee, and of USENIX and SAGE, and a regular contributor to SANS. VoiceGenie is a Promoter Member of the VoiceXML Forum.

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