Volume 3, Issue 1 - January/February 2003

Article #1

VoiceGenie Technologies' Developer Tools

By Rakesh Tailor

Since inception, VoiceGenie Technologies Inc. has been committed to promoting VoiceXML as well as providing resources for new and experienced developers alike. To this end, VoiceGenie offers both an on-line developer studio as well as a stand-alone desktop VoiceXML development tool.

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Article #2

Creating and Deploying VoiceXML Applications with the voxBuilder Online Development Environment

By Dave Burke

The voxBuilder Online Development Environment (ODE) by Voxpilot is a Web-based tool for developing, deploying, and managing professional VoiceXML applications. Since Voxpilot's paradigm consists of a completely hosted solution, no hardware or third-party software is required to get started beyond a computer connected to the Internet and a telephone. In this article, we review some of the features and possibilities which the voxBuilder platform offers the application developer to bring VoiceXML applications to deployment as quickly as possible.

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Article #3

Loquendo Studio: a VoiceXML developer tools suite

By Claudia Romellini

This article deals with the development environment that Loquendo has developed and packaged to support companies developing VoiceXML applications for Loquendo's multi-lingual VoiceXML based voice platforms and technologies. The focus of the development environment, Loquendo Studio, is on testing, debugging, simulating VoiceXML services and grammars. Moreover a Loquendo Studio add-on, provide specific support for grammar creation through a graphical interface.

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Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Engelsma introduces the articles of the January/February issue of VoicexML Review.

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In this month's column, titled "VoiceXML Events - Handling Complex Recognition Results," Rob Marchand continues his last First Words column on VoiceXML events. This month Rob discusses more advanced assignments, which arise when making use of form-level grammars and more complex user interactions.

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This month Matt Oshry is up to his ears in the development of the VoiceXML Test Suite Harness, but fear not! Matt will be back next issue for another round of Speak & Listen.

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